Small room crystal chandelier ideas create a big impact on your room design. The number one rule is to take advantage of natural light and play it up. Keep the room light and airy.  The overall look of the lighting should be cohesive in the space, but doesn’t have to be “matchy- matchy”. Keep in mind that a properly scaled chandelier is the focal point of a smaller space.  We have small room light ideas and apartment lighting solutions to make make your space illuminating.


According to Apartment Therapy “You can add these to your “words to live by” list: never underestimate the power of good lighting. A beautifully decorated room can end up feeling like a cave and that chair you just had recovered in gorgeous flax colored linen can look sickly green if you lack adequate lighting.  It’s even more complicated in a small space.  Creating the balance between too much and too little light, plus finding fixtures that won’t overwhelm a petite space can take some trial and error.


Studio apartment lighting can be tricky.  Open concept lighting ideas work well in a one room space.  The lighting placement should be strategic.  More is not always better and vice versa.  A properly scaled chandelier is the focal point of a smaller space.

Regardless of the size,  you still need task lighting for the kitchen prep area.  Selecting the correct light bulb to achieve the look and task is vital.  If the ceiling is low, then ceiling lights add interest.  For example, a modern beaded ceiling light adds flair as well as light to the room.  Another idea is a semi flush mount fixture.  Many designs have the look of a chandelier but don’t hang as long.

Floor or table lamps complete the lighting design.  Lastly, your lighting design for open concept floor plans should coordinate either in frame type, metal finish, color or trim style.


Lighting a small kitchen doesn’t need to be overwhelming.  We have some small kitchen lighting ideas.  Small chandeliers are still the perfect choice for island lighting even with a tiny island or peninsula.  If you don’t have recessed lighting but do have low ceilings, a flush or semi-flush mount is the way to go.

Even in a tiny kitchen, a chandelier of the right proportions will make a statement.  Don’t be afraid to add lots of sparkle to your kitchen with a stunning properly scaled crystal pendant or small chandelier.  Capiz shell chandeliers are another way to add a light and airy feel to the space.  To maintain the look, it’s important to keep your chandeliers clean and dust free.

When deciding on the perfect dining room chandelier for a small area your choice depends on the room design, size, and shape of the table and ceiling height.  If the table is rectangular a great option is a rectangular chandelier either with or without a shade.  A drum shade pendant is ideal for a round table.  In addition, these dual-mounted fixtures make the ceiling height easier to work with by adding or eliminating the hanging rods.


Have fun with your small bedroom lighting ideas.  Smaller scale crystal chandeliers are glamorous options for bedrooms as well as dining rooms.  The chandeliers may have a shade or not, just keep the proportion in mind. If the ceiling height is low, a bedroom is ideal for flush and semi flush mount lighting.  Simple, sleek modern chandeliers suit contemporary bedrooms to a tee.  However, if your preference is more elaborate, go for it.  Everything depends on personal taste and the look you want to achieve.


There are other small room crystal chandelier ideas.  I love adding a mini crystal chandelier or empire chandelier with coordinating wall sconces to set the tone of a petite bathroom.  Longer length wall sconces will give an appearance of height to the room.  If the ceilings are low, again a crystal flush or semi-flush mount is a great solution. Our blog The Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide gives you an intro into the world of crystal lighting.

Foyer chandeliers set the atmosphere for your home.  When we think either a foyer or entryway fixtures a large grand fixture comes to mind.  The reality is even a small foyer chandelier or flush mount may be as ornate or as simple as you choose.  The height and width of the entry hall will determine the size of the light fixture.  Just keep in mind too small a light may look insignificant and too large a chandelier may overcrowd the space.


In conclusion, there are  many  small rooms and apartment lighting solutions to make make your space illuminating. Once again, everything depends on personal taste and the look you want to achieve.

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