Light bulb types explore the variety of light bulbs ideal for crystal chandeliers. In our blog series  the use for LED replacement bulbs are discussed in detail.  Furthermore we explore how LED bulbs are suited to crystal ceiling lights, wall sconces and chandeliers.

In addition,  the pros and cons of halogen and incandescent bulbs are highlighted.  The cleaning and maintenance of LED and halogen bulbs are discussed as well.

Our goal is to give information on the best bulb types to accentuate crystal.



  • Long Square Crystal Chandelier | Cityscape 598M by GLOW® Lighting; LED Light Fixtures Pros & Cons

    LED Light Fixtures Pros and Cons is the first article in our LED Lights for Home series.  In this post we will be discussing the pros and cons of integrated LED lights.  It is important to keep in mind that LED lights are 80% more efficient incandescent bulbs.  Furthermore LED bulbs burn cooler and don’t

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  • Square crystal flush mount Cityscape by GLOW® Lighting The Advantages of Crystal Chandelier LED Bulbs

    This blog explains the advantages of crystal chandelier LED bulbs and what to look for.  Selecting the right LED light bulbs can be confusing.  What is a watt versus a lumen?  What is the difference between a daylight bulb and a bright light bulb?  Can I use an LED bulb in my fixture?  Is my

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  • Long Square Crystal Chandelier | Cityscape 598M by GLOW® Lighting; CFL Bulbs and Crystal Chandeliers

    Compact fluorescent bulbs known as CFL bulbs and crystal lighting isn’t a match made in heaven!  We have been crystal lighting manufacturers for over 28 years and when it comes to crystal chandeliers, we are industry experts. From our vantage point, the right light bulb choice is almost as important as the design. What are

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  • GLOW Lighting Smooth Beaded Crystal Sterling Inn Dining Niagara Modern Contemporary Ceiling How to Buy Crystal Chandelier Bulbs

    Not sure what type of bulb to use in your fixture?  The big decision: LED versus halogen GU10 base or incandescent versus compact fluorescent. There are so many choices when it comes to selecting the proper crystal chandelier light bulb. We will discuss how to buy crystal chandelier  bulbs. With a variety of light bulbs

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  • GLOW Lighting Traditional Black Iron Crystal Chandelier Kitchen Contemporary Dining Crystal Chandelier Incandescent Light Bulbs

    Today’s article is on incandescent light bulbs.  Our light bulb blog series started with an overview of crystal chandelier bulbs.  We then discussed LED replacement bulbs as well as halogen bulbs. There is a large segment of the population that has converted to LED’s.  However, there are many people that prefer incandescent lamping when it

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  • Glow Lighting Foyer Crystal Chandelier 4 Halogen Bulbs for Crystal Chandeliers Pros & Cons

    This next article in our light bulb series is all about halogen bulbs with a GU10 base.  Along with halogen GU10 light bulbs, LED are phasing out the outdated incandescent bulb.  Halogen lamps (bulbs) are technically incandescent bulbs, but are more energy efficient and longer lasting. On one hand halogen is not as energy efficient

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