The ultimate crystal chandelier guide will open your mind to the amazing world of crystal lighting.  When you think of crystal chandelier hanging lights, does grandma’s old chandelier come to mind?  As a matter of fact just as chandeliers have transformed over the years so has Glow

More than 25 years ago we started with Lucite chandeliers and have since evolved into a major crystal lighting manufacturer.  In addition, as a crystal lighting manufacturer we are able to offer our chandeliers in a range of styles, crystal grades and prices. Before you shop chandeliers; light fixtures and sconces this is a handy tool.  When it comes to crystal lighting and chandelier ideas our knowledge and guide is invaluable.

Guidelines on Crystal Trim Options

The ultimate crystal chandelier guide leads you to a wide range of helpful crystal blogs.  For example, some articles discuss the differences in chandelier styles and types.  We want to educate everyone about the variety of price and quality options for our crystal.  As such, there is a crystal trim available to suit all needs and budgets. 

The post on crystal trim qualities explains the different GLOW crystals we use in our designs.  The high end of the scale is Swarovski® ELEMENTS.  Next is Danube Collection which is an excellent quality 30% leaded crystal.  Last but not least is GLOW Signature lead free crystal which offers a beautiful chandelier with the appearance of crystal but at a budget friendly price.

To highlight the choices, take a look at the Divine Ice collection  with a variety of size and crystal trim options.  Our goal is to have crystal chandeliers available to suit all budgets.

Crystal Chandelier Hanging Lights Styles

While traditional crystal lighting and wrought iron crystal chandelier designs will always be an important component, there are other facets as well.  For example there are modern light fixtures, rectangular, drum and beaded styles. We talk about mixing and matching design styles as long as there is a common element tying your lighting all together.

Our blog series will highlight the wide variety of crystal chandelier designs from traditional to modern lighting.  When it comes to crystal lighting from small chandeliers to statement pieces such as the grand  foyer designs, there’s something for everyone.

We are also aware that LED lighting is a huge part of today’s lifestyle. With our many years as a leading crystal lighting supplier, we will look at crystal LED lighting from all aspects. We will discuss LED replacement light bulbs for kitchen island lighting as well. Finally, we talk about the pros and cons of LED integrated crystal chandeliers. By gathering as much information as possible will led to an informed decision.

Guide to Lighting Designs with Customization

Additionally, we explain How to Update a Chandelier with Shades  For instance we’ll show how to get a designer look on a budget while still getting the razzle dazzle. The exclusive sheer Glow shades gives new life to many Glow ceiling lights and classic chandeliers.

Another side of the coin is Custom and the opportunity to customize a crystal hanging light designs.  The custom department offers a wealth of knowledge and will share some insights.  Our experts cover ideas and strategies to take a lighting design concept and make it a reality.

Lastly, learn how our Custom department will personally work with you to create a customized chandelier.  We know that not all spaces are created equally.  Be it an unusual room layout; ceiling height or simply a matter of personal preference, we can help.  In many cases we can customize the length and crystal trimming to create a unique chandelier.  The customization blogs are a helpful guide to lighting, showing you a variety of exciting options.

The Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide and Tips

The ultimate crystal chandelier guide looks at crystal lighting for every room in the house.  “Blinged out” crystal chandeliers are ideal for home, work and play.  Add a little sparkle to your life!

How to Size a Chandelier offers valuable information and guidelines for any style of chandelier and for any room.  Regardless of the style or design a chandelier must fit the space.  After the size is determined, comes the fun part of selecting the right look for the space and decor.

We will feature articles on dining rooms, foyers, bedrooms, bathrooms and last but not least crystal kitchen chandeliers.  Furthermore, we will guide you through the selection process and give valuable tips as well.  For instance, the Crystal Chandeliers Bedroom Light blog gives great chandelier sizing tips for all sizes of bedrooms.   Our articles on crystal chandeliers for country homes, beach houses and weekend retreats will be fun and informative reads. 

Another example of chandelier idea are,  Dining Room Crystal Chandeliers  which has insights on lighting for modern and traditional dining spaces.  But be mindful that dining room chandeliers aren’t just for eating areas! For example our modern rectangular crystal chandelier dazzles in a dining room as well as a master bedroom.

By the same token, our article Foyer Chandelier Ideas and More gives information on placement of large chandeliers in entryways as well as great rooms and bigger dining rooms.

 For instance, another interesting post will be on pairing crystal chandelier hanging lights in your home office. Who says a plain fluorescent light is the only route to go.  We explain layered lighting and how it is especially important for a work space.  Most importantly, a little bling can be illuminating and inspiring. 

How to Maintain your Crystal Chandelier Hanging Lights

Another avenue we talk about is How to Clean your Crystal Chandelier and maintain the beauty. Our post explains the safe and easy way to clean crystal.  A dusty and dirty chandelier detracts from the inherent beauty of crystal. Not only should the crystal sparkle but so too should the bulbs.

Speaking of light bulbs, the right type of light bulb to accentuate the sparkling crystal light fixtures is also discussed.  It’s important to note that when it comes to the light bulbs, not all bulbs are created equally.  We discuss the pros and cons of the different types of bulbs on the market and how they interact with crystal.  We look at the best options to make your crystal chandelier dazzle.

The Last Word on Crystal Chandelier Blogs

Our crystal chandelier blog series promise to be interesting, insightful and informative. The ultimate crystal chandelier guide is a road map with invaluable information when you go to purchase or update a crystal chandelier.  Furthermore, along with our Crystal Flush Mount Light Guide we have provided you will all the tools you need before you buy your light fixture.   Enjoy the reads, and as always buy what you love and love what you buy.


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