Types of Bedroom Chandelier Lights

Bedroom Chandelier Lights

Bedroom chandelier lights run the gamut from simple modern ceiling lights to elaborate crystal chandeliers.  Some questions we are asked are: do chandeliers and flush mount bedroom lighting serve the same purpose?  Should I layer the lighting in the bedroom?  Finally are the measurements the same for hanging lights and ceiling lights?  Our goal with this post as well as our article  Inspiring Crystal Bedroom Chandelier Ideas is to answer your questions and make your bedroom lighting decisions easier.

Two Divine Ice crystal wall sconces with assorted shape elements for Charles Neal Interiors 

Two Divine Ice crystal wall sconces with assorted shape elements for Charles Neal Interiors

The Difference  Between Chandeliers & Ceiling Lights

What is the difference between  a flush mounted light and a chandelier? Our Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is a great reference point. In a nut shell a chandelier or pendant is a hanging light. It may be suspended from chain; wire or rods. A flush mount fixture is as the name implies is a ceiling light that is mounted to the ceiling. A ceiling light is either flush mounted, hugging the ceiling or a semi flush mount.

The type of crystal bedroom lights that you choose, be it bedroom chandelier lights or flush mounted bedroom lighting depends on a few things. A dining room chandelier or hallway ceiling light crosses over into bedroom, bathroom as well as kitchen lighting. The type and style is determined by the room size, ceiling height and decor.  Regardless of the type of lighting, our lighting hack #1 is to choose a good quality light bulb 

Ceiling Height

Firstly, let’s begin with ceiling height. Generally speaking the height of a bedroom light fixture is 7′ off the floor.  A flush or semi flush mounted bedroom light is ideal for a bedroom with 8′ ceilings.  A close up light will give the illusion of height. If you don’t want a low profile ceiling light an overall height up of 16″ will work well.  A semi flush mounted light fixture is a great option for low ceilings as well. Keep in mind that a hanging light will generally make the low ceiling feel even lower.

Flush mount bedroom lighting modern glass globes and chrome Concorde ceiling light

Flush mount bedroom lighting modern glass globe and chrome Concorde ceiling light

Crystal Bedroom Lights Widths

When it comes to crystal bedroom chandeliers, our blog post How to Size a Chandelier is the perfect tool.  Be it chandeliers or flush mount bedroom lighting they follow the same guidelines. To figure out the fixture width you need for any size bedroom.  Simply add together the room width and length (in feet) and convert into inches. For example if the bedroom is 12′ x 12′ you would need a 24″ wide fixture.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is ideal for larger bedrooms.  The three layers are: ambient or general lighting, accent and task. The lighting plan for a master bedroom could include recessed lighting, a chandelier; ceiling light; wall sconces or table lights. Our lighting hack #2 is to install a dimmer switch for mood and energy savings.

The recessed or can lights are the main ambient or general lighting in the room.  Next is the bedroom chandelier light. A stunning crystal chandelier over the bed is the wow factor. It creates ambient light as well as giving the bedroom a special touch. In this case because we have recessed lighting, the chandelier is the accent lighting.

The addition of wall sconces adds visual interest on either side of the bed or flanking a mirror. The sconces soften up a wall and are once again accent lighting. Keep in mind that hard wired crystal sconces need to have a junction box in the wall. A great alternative to sconces are table lamps. Crystal table lamps add flair as well as being useful as accent  or task lighting.  Additionally, a floor lamp or desk lamp are perfect for reading and other tasks.

The fun of layered lighting is that you can use any combination of ambient, accent and task lighting for the bedroom. Our article Choosing the Right Crystal Chandelier Bulb is a valuable read when it comes to actually illuminating your space.

Types of bedroom chandelier lights blog Old World Iron crystal chanlier

Types of bedroom chandelier lights blog layered lighting master bedroom with Old World Iron crystal chandelier

In Conclusion

To sum up the type of crystal bedroom lights you choose depends on the room size, ceiling light and room decor.

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