Types of Crystal Beaded Light Fixtures

Crystal beaded light fixtures come in all different styles, shapes and sizes. The beaded trimming that we use, range from smooth clear crystal beads and balls to man made pearl-like beads.  For example our clear and faux pearl bead designs include traditional as well as  empire basket styles with a modern twist. Oval, rectangular and drum shade crystal bead chandeliers are another example of beaded light fixtures.

In this blog, we will be discussing the versatility of crystal beaded light fixtures. Beaded light fixtures suit kitchens; hallways; foyers; bedrooms and bathrooms.  Keep in mind that crystal beaded pendants and ceiling lights are great design features for small spaces.  Furthermore, crystal beaded lighting adapts to any style of decor.

To determine the size of the chandelier; semi  flush mount or ceiling light needed, read our post on How to Size a Chandelier. For a quick recap, simply add the length and width of the space and convert the feet into inches. For example a space that is 10′ x 12′, the total is 22′. You would then need a 22″wide crystal chandelier.

Hallway Light Fixtures

Two crystal beaded chandeliers lantern style Arcadia semi flush mount beaded hallway light fixtures

Two crystal beaded chandeliers Arcadia semi flush mount beaded lantern style hallway light fixtures

Crystal beaded flush mounted ceiling lights; semi flush mount as well as hanging pendants are ideal for hallway lighting. The ceiling height and type of ceiling determines the type of light fixture needed.  For instance, if the hallway ceiling is low and flat, a beaded ceiling close-up or semi flush mount is a great choice. If the ceiling is higher and either flat or sloped, a beaded hanging chandelier or pendant fits the bill.

A great look for a longer hallway is either an modern crystal beaded basket semi flush chandelier or the flush mounted option. Keep in mind that a run of hallway light fixtures needn’t be the old fashion melon or dome lights. Think of the hall as a central part of the lighting plan. A cohesive lighting design gives the home your personal stamp. The Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is a road map to leading through the world our world of crystal lighting.

If the home is open concept, the hallway lighting should tie in with the overall decor of the home. A beaded stairway chandelier with or without shades are a perfect complement.

Crystal Beaded Chandeliers with Shades

Drum shade crystal bead chandeliers 2 black shade long Silhouette foyer light for Inside Style Las Vegas

Drum shade crystal bead chandeliers 2 black shade long Silhouette foyer light for Inside Style Las Vegas

Oval; rectangular or drum shade crystal bead chandeliers come in a variety of types and styles. As varied as the styles are, so too are the room settings. For instance, instead of 2 or 3 pendants over a large kitchen island, opt for a shaded pendant chandelier.

In this case, the homeowner went with a dual-mounted smooth crystal beaded rectangular chandelier. The pristine beads and chrome frame gave the kitchen a light and airy modern aura look. The sheer rectangular shade completed the design.

Another great example of a drum shaded chandelier highlights a large foyer chandelier.  However, in this instance Inside Style Las Vegas had the chandelier a design feature of the great room. The sheer black drum shades adds to the drama of the dark tray ceiling and desert themed decor. Lastly, the beauty of the clear crystal bead trim plays off the magnificent view.

The importance of this room design, is the way the long beaded drum shade chandelier makes a quiet statement including the surroundings and not competing with it.

Beaded Ceiling Lights

Modern crystal beaded light fixtures Crystal Rain long ceiling lights in living room and dining room for R. Webb Interiors

Rodney, of R. Webb Interiors created a seamless open concept design, with multiple beaded ceiling lights. The elongated beaded trimming adds a clean contemporary accent to both the living room and dining room. The flush mounted clear crystal beads gives the illusion of bubbles dripping down from the ceiling.

In Conclusion

We have highlighted only a few different types of crystal beaded light fixtures. We will be showcasing more beaded, shell and crystal designs for your enjoyment.

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