Ways to Customize Crystal Light Fixtures

Think of Glow Custom like a crystal with many facets. Our specialty is finding ways to  customize crystal light fixtures such as a customized rectangular crystal chandelier or customized crystal drum chandelier designs. The first facet is Custom Alteration which is a large part of our Custom Department. We take an existing Glow light fixture and adapt it by creating a custom length crystal chandeliers to suit the space.  In addition, our customized crystal light fixtures for residential, hospitality and commercial projects is another big component.

The next facet is our Form & Function modular system followed by Custom Design. Last but not least, the final facets are large chandeliers and ceiling lights.

Over the next few weeks we will explore the different parts of Glow Custom in detail. This week however, we will focus on Custom Alteration.

What Exactly is Custom Alteration?

The definition of customize is “to modify (something) according to a customer’s individual requirements”.  Custom alteration or customization allows us to modify many Glow Lighting chandeliers and ceiling lights. Basically, we can change the length of a crystal, shell or beaded chandelier to suit your space.  Of course it depends on the actual design, but where possible we are able to adapt a chandelier or ceiling light to your specific needs.

Let’s say, you love a GLOW ceiling mounted fixture but it can’t be installed correctly as you have a sloped ceiling. That’s where customized crystal light fixtures comes into play. We would look at converting that ceiling flush mount into a hanging pendant or semi flush mount.  Once again, we would discuss the possibilities of installing a canopy conversion attachment.

Perhaps you like the design of a capiz shell chandelier but the room decor is in the grey/black palette, than we can customize the trim with dark mother of pearl shell.  Taking it a step further, you want to highlight the different tones of the shell by adding color crystal. No problem! Then you need the fixture longer, so we customize the length.  Finally, you want to add sheer drum shades to complete the look.  You now have personalized the light fixture to suit your vision for the room.  All it took was some creative thinking and GLOW customization.

The Customization Process

The first step in the process is to browse through our online catalog, focusing on the type and style of lighting you are interested in. Perhaps the space has soaring ceilings, and our selection of foyer chandeliers are still not long enough.  We can add length to the light fixture to suit your requirements.

By the same token, if a GLOW chandelier is too long, we can discuss ways of shortening the strands while still maintaining the proper proportions. Our blog the Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is a good resource to select the proper chandelier for your space. In addition the Crystal Flush Mount Lighting Guide is another valuable tool in learning about the right ceiling light for your needs.

All you have to do is supply us with the GLOW product name; your budget and specifications. We always find it helpful if you send some images of the space from the ceiling down to the floor. The more information you can provide us with, the more we can help you. Our experienced team will then discuss all your customization options with you.

Simply Contact Us by phone or email to discuss the light fixture you are interested in. We are fortunate that all GLOW Lighting products are trimmed on-site. In addition, our design team is located in our head office as well.

Now, let’s look at some real customization projects from inception to completion.

Project #1: Crystal Chandelier Custom Length

In this case the designer wanted an extremely long foyer fixture for a tall narrow space. The fixture had to have a slim profile, while still achieving the wow factor. This project focused on a sleek customized rectangular crystal chandelier. We altered the fixture by lengthening the crystal stings and adding more lights and an additional shade.

We began with our Urban Essentials 595 dual-mount crystal chandelier which comes with one rectangular shade. The original length was 42″ but the space required a height of 192″, so we more than tripled the original crystal strand length. Since the lights are at the top of the fixture we had to be creative when adding more light sockets to the fixture.

The solution was to add two more light sets and an additional shade. The sheer rectangular shades then covered the new lights. Thereby making the shades a decorative element as well be being functional. The polished chrome linear frame was flush mounted and long crystal strings cascaded down from the ceiling.

Rectangular Shade Crystal Chandelier | Urban Essentials 595 by GLOW® Lighting;

Rectangular Shade Crystal Chandelier | Urban Essentials 595EM44-42SP-B-3

Custom foyer chandelier urban essentials 10 feet long two black shades modern crystal light fixture side view 3 of 3 photos

Glow Lighting customized foyer chandelier Urban Essentials 10 feet long slim modern rectangular crystal light fixture with black shades

Customized crystal chandelier urban essentials 120 inches long two shades rectangular foyer light full view 2 of 3 photos

Glow Lighting Urban Essentials custom length crystal foyer chandelier 120 inches long with 2 sheer black rectangular shades

Custom chandelier urban essentials 10 feet long two rectangular shade crystal foyer light top view 1 of 3 photos

Flush mounted Customized Urban Essentials 10 feet long modern crystal foyer chandelier

Project #2: Adding Length and Drum Shades

Once again, the designer for this project needed a long fixture.  In this case we  customized a crystal drum chandelier.  The flush mounted ceiling light had to hang down over 8′ in over all height. The primary goal was to play off the landscaping and pool and not obstruct the view. The light fixture itself had to bring the outdoor feeling indoors.

The solution in this case was to lengthen the crystal strings as well as add drum shades to the Crystal Rain 566 ceiling light. We started with the 6 light large flush mount version and then added 76″ of crystal to the flush mount light. The varying crystal lengths gave this custom length crystal chandelier the illusion of a gently teeming waterfall.

Three 27″ wide drum shades were added to complete the design. After the ceiling light was installed and trimmed, the bottom two shades were properly spaced on adjustable wires.

The customized crystal ceiling light became the focal point of the room, complimenting both the indoor and outdoor design.

Crystal Ceiling Light Flush Mount | Crystal Rain 566 by GLOW Lighting

Crystal Ceiling Light Flush Mount | Crystal Rain 566AC5LSP-3C

Customized Crystal Rain foyer light 8 feet long crystal flush mounted ceiling light 3 black drum shades

Glow Lighting 8 feet long customized Crystal Rain flush mounted 3 drum shade crystal foyer light

Custom Length 8-feet long Crystal Rain large flush mount ceiling light 3 Drum Shades

Glow Lighting Crystal Rain customized 8 feet long crystal flush mounted foyer ceiling light with 3 drum shades

The Final Word

The customized rectangular chandelier and customized crystal drum chandelier projects are only two examples of altering crystal light fixtures.  Download our easy to read Customization the Glow Difference  printable pdf brochure. When it comes to custom alterations your options are endless.

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