What exactly is custom lighting?  What is the difference between custom light fixtures and a customized chandelier?   Customizing a fixture is altering and adapting an existing Glow product in some manner.  Custom  light fixtures on the hand takes the design concept and builds a new light.  Additionally, custom lighting is an ideal solution for banquet hall chandeliers.  Large drum shades are perfect accessories for a custom design.  For more information pleae refer to our post Ways to Customize a Crystal Light Fixture.

What is the Custom Chandelier Process?

Even though a Custom crystal chandelier is generally more costly, the end result is a light fixture that is created to your specifications.  That way you will have a chandelie that is unique to your space.  Our design team works with you from inception of the concept to completion.

There are a few steps that are helpful in the custom chandelier design process.  First and foremost we would need  photos or a rendering of the look you envision. That way we are on the same page.

The next step are the design specifications. That includes height and width of the light fixture.  Providing us with the room size and ceiling height and type is also a great idea. The more information provided the better.

The third step is the type of fixture such as chandelier; ceiling light or wall sconce needed.   Of course the design style tells the tale. Our post Large Scale Crystal Ceiling Light Designs is a helpful read.  Does your client want modern; traditional or transitional styling?  That way we have a better understanding of the frame requirements.

Last but not least is the budget for the custom chandelier.  It is important to note that a truly custom made chandelier comes at a cost.  Providing us the budget from the get go sets us on the right path.  The cost of custom includes designing the chandelier; labor and parts.

What is the Time Frame for Custom Lighting?

From initiating the design concept to the final stage of shipping the crystal light fixture could take up to six months. Once the chandelier is made, we hang and trim it in our warehouse to make sure everything is just so. We take pictures of the finished product before shipping. Every step in the Custom process is labor intensive. There are numerous factors and logistics involved but the end result makes it all worthwhile.

Custom made light fixtures can be flush mounted or a hanging pendant. The sizes range from small pendants to large banquet hall chandeliers.  It is important to keep in mind that although a custom fixture is made to order, there are certain restrictions.

Not only does the chandelier have to look spectacular, but it has to be functional as well. For example, the ease of installation plays a key role our overall design. Another requirement is how the sockets fit into the design, allowing for light output with out detracting for the look.   Our Ultimate Crystal Chandelier Guide is helpful while in the decision making process.

To give you some ideas let’s look at some previous custom projects.

Custom Production Project 1

An interesting custom lighting fixture was created for Dahlia Design. She needed a statement flush mount which had some “bling” but was classic elegance. In this case, the custom ceiling flush mounted light had to tell a story.  The space was being televised so the ceiling light had to stand out.  Furthermore, it had to be unique and never seen before.

Our man-made pearl like beads fit the bill. The ceiling light was 36” wide which wasn’t an issue. Coming up with an unusual trim pattern with texture and interest was the tricky part. The theme was Champagne.

Custom made long cream color faux pearl and -faceted clear crystal bead ceiling light

Custom made long cream color faux pearl and -faceted clear crystal bead ceiling light. Champagne Room Dahlia Design

Lustrous champagne color faux pearl beads were ideal for representing champagne bubbles. Our designer created a trim design using a combination of small and larger pearl-like beads. To add sparkle, we alternated faceted crystal beads with the small pearls. Each beaded strand was anchored by a large pearl bead. The different string lengths then made a subtle but intricate pattern. The trimming was understated  but not underwhelming.

Once the hand trimmed pearl beads were strung, the fixture was hung in the warehouse. Our trimmers then installed all the beaded strings. The strand layout was adjusted and pictures were taken for the designer’s  approval. Trimming instructions were then made to be packed with the light. The beaded trim was gently removed and packaged.

Custom long faux pearl and faceted clear crystal bead ceiling light Dahlia Design

Custom long faux pearl and faceted clear crystal bead ceiling light Dahlia Design-Champagne Room

Custom Production Project 2

This next custom lighting project was for a restaurant on the Hollywood Beach in Florida. Playing off the stunning water views at GG’s Waterfront Bar and Grill was a key element.  The interior designer wanted the fixtures to be light and airy complementing the beach location.  However, the chandeliers had to be large and create good light for the event space.

Large drum shade Around Town capiz shell and crystal custom lighting chandelier

Custom made Around Town large drum shade chandelier trimmed with capiz shell and clear crystal

The client loved the look of the Around Town drum shade pendant.  So that capiz shell chandelier became the inspiration. Our designer created a custom chandelier based on the Around Town concept. He developed a large polished chrome frame with multiple tiers and lights. The trimming was delicate white capiz shell interspersed with clear crystal octagons. The large drum shades were the final touch.

The seashell chandeliers were reinforced and suspended by chain. The dining room had tray ceilings  so the chain and wire was adjusted to the proper height at installation.  With a chain mount the fixtures could hang as a semi flush or pendant.

Large Drum Shades

The 42” wide large drum shades have a height of 29”. We made the capiz shell and clear strands in random lengths with the longest strand 52”. The assorted length strands were in proportion with the shade height.  The outline of the trim was visible through the sheer white shade adding to the organic feel. In addition, the varying capiz shell string heights completed the coastal chic design. The designer’s goal was to make these modern banquet hall chandeliers look full but not overwhelming.

Once the production of the custom light fixtures were completed they were hung in our warehouse. The design team then made any adjustments necessary before packing and shipping.

Banquet hall chandelier custom capiz drum shade pendant GG’s Waterfront Bar & Grill

Banquet hall chandeliers custom made capiz and crystal drum shade pendant GG’s Waterfront Bar & Grill

Is Custom Lighting My Only Option?

Custom lighting is not the only solution we have for a specialized chandelier.  Depending on the constraints of the budget, customization might be a better solution.  In addition another option to consider is our Form & Function modular system.

To sum up be it custom lighting, customization or Form & Function, Glow Custom has it covered.

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